Development Update - March 2018

Beta for Unboxed is still on target to release this month! While we have scoped the game down quite a bit we are excited to share with you a more polished experience for releasing control. Though I do not want to spoil too much... the Beta will include a phase redesign and a slight change to the overall look and feel of the game! We have added some feedback on hit to make you feel more present in the space, played with the size of the room and the shaders on the objects (which changes how you see the objects rendered to you), added the mesh deformation on the blobs and the blobs now collide with where the players body should be... the goal of these improvements was to give everyone a greater sense of really being in the room whipping paint everywhere! The final major improvement of the game is we scrapped the last phase and added an end state. Though Unboxed will be working on a timer, it gives everyone somewhere to get to at the end instead of constantly needing to ask "is this done yet?". The best part about the addition of the timer and the end state is it adds replay-ability and something to work towards to experience the full meditative experience. 

We hope to have the polished Beta posted in the next couple weeks. Though it is a smaller scoped version of the project we learned a lot about our multiplayer capabilities with the Vive and explored a lot of fun spaces with Unboxed. We are pleased with where the project is going to live in it's Beta state. That being said, we will pause development with the release of the Beta as we have two other projects currently in the midst (you should see a new one pop up soon (; )! If Unboxed begins to gain some traction and people are wanting more we may pick it back up in the future but for now our Beta release is our planned final release to free up our resources for other endeavors. We certainly hope you enjoy where the game ended up.

The Beta release will not support MacOS at this time.

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