Development Update #2

The code for Unboxed has (finally) been converted to networked code and the lobby for multiplayer is working! That being said, the game has landed at an amazing place for the multiplayer implementation for Beta (still expected for Spring 2018). At this point, the focus has been transitioned back to revamping the single player experience. Each phase of gameplay is receiving an art and design overhaul in order to give everyone a greater sense of place and release. 

I have attached a video clip of the blob update (they really are blobbier!).  As we are doing this art and phase redesign (*and adding multiplayer*) as we approach the Beta, I hope to be able to post improvements to the game (*with screenshots*) more often.  When the Beta launches, we will also be launching a Patreon for those interested in getting access to updates early and other exciting things!

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