Development Update #1

Thank you for your interest in Unboxed! The game is currently in Alpha therefore it is still in early development. I will be working hard over the next couple of months adding new features, testing, and preparing for a much richer Beta release! The Beta for Unboxed is currently planned for Spring 2018, which will include multiplayer mode for the game (along with some other exciting improvements). I will send out development updates to my subscribers via email and will also post the latest update to this devlog. Please see the first update in italics below.

Unboxed's Alpha was posted today! The second Vive headset arrived yesterday. Right now the focus is on polishing up the code so it can be clean and optimized before diving into the networking component. The hope is to begin working through networking late next week. Additionally, research is being done on art direction for the technical art (primarily the player feedback component when players hit the blob or the blob hits the wall). Stay tuned!

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